My relationship with ceramics began in Hungary where I trained as a professional porcelain painter.

It was here that I found my love for the material and specially my admiration for the world of traditional porcelain painting. I became enthralled in this attention to detail and the precision with which these pieces were crafted. Their fineness and perfection showed such a high quality, that could only achieved by skilled and dedicated hands.

My work embodies this ancient tradition of hand painted porcelain. In a time of mass production and machine made work I strive to bring the beauty and uniqueness of this historical method back to the current ceramic environment.

 Applying my knowledge of traditional technique I create a more contemporary composition, transporting these past values into modern day.

My motifs explore an intense relationship between shapes, vivid colours, and this ancient obsession with fine detail. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature my work portrays delicacy and fragility.

My pieces are hand made from bone china and porcelain, which I utilise as an elegant, transculent canvas.

But unlike the traditional hand crafted porcelain, I embrace the imperfection of hand made.

In my pieces I celebrate the movement of the material, which like in nature results individuality. 

 I strike a unique balance, contrasting the perfection of the hand painted with the imperfection of hand crafted.

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