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The first collection of handmade Bone China jewelry is a combination of regular, simple shapes, hand painted detailed flowers, and irregular, contemporary designs. Bone China has the most beautiful white, translucent quality, light to wear but really strong. Perfect base for the intricate, refined, hand painted designs in vivid colors.

 My love for colors and people were the reason for developing the next range of jewelry collection. In 2018 I started to do    ceramic classes, and beside the fine porcelain painting, I have developed a jewelry class with colored glazes. Fell in love with the wide range of colors, beautiful, diverse results. Here is the best-of collection, crystalline and colored glazes on black and white porcelain. Endless possibilities, wide range of color combinations. Elegant finish, unique pieces. The glazes moving during the firing, which creates the patterns, I have absolutely no control of it. It is a challenge, exciting change to the hand painted pieces, where I always know the outcome.

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